Members of the LGBTQ+ community have a long history of struggles for acceptance, inclusion and respect. Although we’ve accomplished much and have much to achieve, it is undeniable that we often don’t treat each other the same empathy and consideration we request of others outside of the LGBTQ+ community. It is a sad fact that some of the worst things ever said about gay people, have been said “by” gay people.

I want to encourage our community members to be more mindful of the things we do and say to each other. I’d like to be influential in getting gay people to agree that it’s NOT okay to use condescending and disrespectful language in speaking to others simply because they are unattractive, older or not of a race which we deem sexually appealing.

Let’s discontinue to use racist slang like “rice queen”, “ghetto thug”, “curry queen” or “bean queen” on gay dating apps and websites. Then, let’s acknowledge the fact that it’s NOT okay to disrespect the pride, culture and sense of self-worth of our ethnic brothers and sisters by including phrases like: “sorry, no fats, fems, Blacks or Asians” in our social media and dating profiles; then dismissing it as nothing more than “personal preference”.

I wanted to create a place, exclusively for the LGBTQ+ community, to engage in discussions with each other and better understand our unique perspectives. A permanent spot on our phones to discuss a wide-range of topics, having nothing to do with sex or hooking up. Members of the LGBTQ+ community are some of the most imaginative, inventive and creative people in the world! I know we can find a way to come together and support each other without the motivation of a tragedy, epidemic or crisis. I built this network to help prove that.

Having lived my entire life with no family, extremely few friends and little to no guidance or support, I’ve accepted the fact that I will likely leave this world alone and be buried in a community mass grave. So I want to do all that I can to create one awesome thing before I go. So if you’re moved to help me be successful with this one thing, please use this site frequently and tell others to use it. Thanks, and welcome to the Haven.

  • Sincerely,
  • Eden V.
  • Head Cookie