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Brittany Diblasio

  • Location: Brooklyn, NY
  • Instagram: @Pro.totype
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  • With this worldwide crisis, covid-19 has stopped my only source of income. A month ago i was just getting to the point of getting back on my feet. With a new bartender job at Henrietta Hudson, I was able to get me to a place were I could pay all my bills, get rid of all types of debt.
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  • I was able to move out of a chaotic living situation and be able to survive on my own. After my bar closing down, all my bills were facing me. I paid as much as I can to hold off for another month but whats concerning me is that this is lasting longer than we all excepted and I don’t want me lose everything I just built.
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  • Receives gratuity via:
  • Venmo,
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  • Cash App
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