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Nearly every LGBTQIA+ person has been through one or more dark times in their lives. Most have found their way though it and some came out even stronger than before. We're highlighting some of those experiences from distinct community members and offering words of inspiration from those willing to share. We welcome you to use them as your personal source of inspiration or contact us to add your own.

  • "I have days where I feel euphoric, gentle, confident, and beautiful. And days where I struggle with melancholia, ennui, frustration, and self-disgust. I want to have more good days. I want to continue to unlearn a lifetime of bad mental habits. I want to love myself completely - not to become perfect, but to love my unchangeable imperfections as well as my best characteristics. I want to have joy and goodwill to become so fundamental and habitual, that I no longer consciously choose them. I want to transcend my learned defenses and be more vulnerable. I want to find an unshakable inner strength."
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  • Kai Rose
  • Instagram: @yokaipup

  • "I think as a cis white man, I don't deal with the same kind of bullshit that a lot of other people do. I'm always working to be more empathetic but of course there are times when I fall short and don't check my privilege or become complicit. I think that since the LGBTQ+ community is linked by identity, and since the spectrum of identities is so vast, it's really important to for people to not homogenize the experience of being in the LGBTQ+ community.
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  • (An example, being that white gay men might have a very different perspective than someone who is non-binary and Latino living in America, under the Trump regime). I just want to emphasize how important it is to understand that certain people in the LGBTQ+ community have specific struggles that others don't and that listening and understanding to other people's perspectives is really the only way to not homogenize. That's more directed towards the cis white people who are reading this.""

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  • S. Paul Michael
  • Instagram: @Paul_Michael_Music